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Owner: Jeff Miller
Email: jamiller@tcsn.net
Location: California
Year: 1955
Engine: L6-226
Transfer case:

August 29, 1999

Hi Rick

Your web page looks great and I would like to see my truck on there with all the other great looking Willys vehicles.

Well a littler about the truck: It is a 1955 L6-226 that was sold as a cab and chassis to the phone company. They put a bed on it a few years later to make it more versatile. I found out all the information from the phone company records that they gave me. I am the 3rd owner after the phone company. The reason they bought the truck was to get the use of the 6 cyl engine that only came with the 4WD trucks. They used it 'til '64 when they auctioned it off. I bought it for $1400 in 1998 and drove it 30 miles home. It sounds like your wagon story but I only took 30 miles to have it brake 4 times. Well I got it home not knowing much about Willys trucks other than I knew what they were. I just saw it on the side of the road and thought that it looked neat, and it was for sale. It is still 99% stock with the only addition being an alternator. Everything else is stock. The paint was put on by the phone company to match their colors. From sanding down the paint, it was originally black and then they put the green on it. I am in the middle of a partial frame off restoration. I am just taking off the bed because the other part of the frame is in perfect condition. I only took the bed off to under coat it so it won't rust. I live sort of near the coast so I don't want it to rust.

My plans for it include a complete restoration of the interior and exterior. I have a PTO winch that I am going to mount and then I will be set to go off road with it.

I am a WCW member.

I hope to see it there soon, and thanks for putting it on there.

    Jeff Miller

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