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Owner: Stacy Hardy
Email: Jeepin@earthlink.net
Location: Long Beach, CA
Year: 1957
Transfer case:

September 30, 1999

This is the newest edition to my Willys family. [Stacy also owns 2 Willys pickups and a '51 CJ2A.] I have only owned it for maybe a month and purchased it from a West Coast Willys member for $2700. Thanks again for posting the pics of the wagon and me with the wagon, this is all very exciting...


Sorry I had to reduce the images from what Stacy sent me. Below is a section of the picture of Stacy at original scale. Since she thanked me for posting her picture with the wagon, I though I ought to make it so you can see her.


Stacy's other Willys is at B30.

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