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Owner: Kirk Snodgrass
Email: KSnodgrass@burlingame.org
Location: California
Engine: Buick 231 V-6
Transmission: TH 350 transmission
Steering: GM Steering column (tilt)
Brakes: '81 Chevy Malibu Power Brake Unit
Seats: '93 Ford Escort
Center console: '74 Mustang II
Frame: 1986 Toyota Pickup Frame (torsion bar suspension)

August 5, 1999


I have tried to get through to your e-mail a number of times....I will try one more time.

Amazing, but my two year pickup restoration is in your gallery section..page#1 photo F (Henrys52). I sold the truck to Henry Mckeggie two years ago. I finished a Jeepster and ran out of room....one of them had to go. I miss my truck!!!!!

I kept my pickup 98% stock F-134 with a Saturn overdrive. I agree with you, that it is best to keep the great old trucks stock if possible. However, as you know, 75 horsepower in the 90's is tough. Here in California, they will run over you if you are going under 70.

So...here is my queston; I am going to restore another truck, but I hate to say it, I want to bring it up to the 90's; V8, higher axle ratios, 4 wheel drive, power steering, power brakes,etc. Is there a late model pickup frame that comes close to bolting up to the Willys pickup? If not, what are the best axles, trans,steering,etc to convert with the Willys frame?

I put my Jeepster on an 86 Toyota pickup frame, Buick V6, 350 Turbo, it runs and rides wonderfully........I know, I know, it's not the purist's way to go.

Any help is appreciated.



December 22, 1999

...Great cruiser. Soft. Smooth ride. 3 Year Frame off restoration


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