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Owner: Kelly Rives
Email: KRives@je.spacehab.com
Location: Houston, TX
Year: 1958
Engine: in the front seat
Transmission: a little back too
Transfer case: way back

Monday, September 27, 1999

Hi , my name is Kelly,

I have a 58 Willys Pickup with 60,000 miles all original until the previous owner ran it into a telephone pole 4 wheeling. Lost the brakes going down hill. Took out the winch and steel channel bumper on front and moved engine and front axle back about 12 inches. Steering wheel also went up into drivers face and took out all front teeth.

Pickup bed, fenders doors and top half of cab are still good condition.

I bought a 53 Willys pickup as a parts truck truck that is all intact. The bed is pretty shot and the left fender damaged beyond repair. I also found a wagon that had top chopped off as hunting truck with no motor but good frame and dash panel instruments etc.

I have been able to put front half of wagon frame and back half of 58 frame together to make good straight , square frame. I'm ready to start a rebuild. I think I have enough parts.


    R. Kelly Rives

February 28, 2000

Hey Rick,

Actually making some progress. Got the frame sand blasted and painted. When I cut the front bumper off it must have weighed 100+ pounds. I used Eastwood "Coroless" and then painted with Chassis black. Turned out good

The two cabs are now at the welders to have top cut off one and put on the green one. He has plasma cutter and about 30 years experience so Im letting him do it.


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