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Owner: Jim Rich
Email: DrJRichAE@AOL.COM
Location: California
Year: 1964
Engine: 230 OHC
Transmission: T98 4spd
Transfer case: T18 transfer /Warn OD
Axles: Dana 44 Powerlock/

August 26, 1999

I own one of the last of the breed. 1964 Utility Wagon/ 230 OHC engine / T98 4spd /T18 transfer /Warn OD / Dana 44 Powerlock. Apx 260,000 miles on the vehicle. It has a lot of buttons and whistles such as compressor, welder, linelock, PTO winch, cool paint job. However, for all practical purposes its stock.

It has been off road a lot, from Baja to Moab, to Oregon, Death Valley, KOFA, to list a few. Our moto is " We go till we break"

The 4 speed was an option offered that year so the bell housing is drilled for it. The front stickout distance is the same as the T90, same throughout bearing ,but smaller pilot bearing ID. (I think the truck was originally US Forest Service). With the low 1st gear in low range the thing crawls over anything. Stock steering is a work out off road ,but I would never change it because is keeps me from breaking something up front by not being able to apply the forces power steering converstions do.


As you can imagine I could go on for ever about this beast. Newest BIG BIG improvement was discarding the Rancho (!! so stiff) springs and getting custom ones made by Betts Spring hear in the East bay. Only took 2 days to get them designed and made, much faster (and cheaper ) than National Spring fron the 4x4 magazine fame.



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