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Owner: Tim Larkins
Email: TLankins@aol.com
Location: Aspen, CO
Year: 1951
Transfer case:

Tim didn't enclose a description of his Willys Wagon, so I will insert a great story he told February 13, 2000 on WillysTech.

Poetic Justice

It must be poetic justice when I drive down a little riverside road in a snowstorm and what do I see but a BIG UGLY Humvee stuck in a ditch! Being the sort who likes to help out a guy/gal in need, I stop and ask if I can help. (Any Willys owner would.) The Hummer owner says to me, "Well it seems I am stuck." I said, "I see that." He says to me, "Could Ya call a tow truck for me?" I then informed him that I have a strap in my Willys wagon. His reply was, "That OLD thing won't be able to get My Hummer out (hehe). It stuck real good!" (Sorry Merl but it had Texas plates.) I said, "Well it won't hurt to try will it?" He said, "I guess not." So we strapped him up and the OLD Willys popped him and his big UGLY humvee out in about 10 seconds. I asked him what he paid and he said around $60,000. I then told him I paid $600.00 dollars and got in to my OLD Willys and drove away.

    Tim Lankins

    48CJ2A & an OLD 51SW


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