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Owner: Mike Croskrey
Email: fttmc@uaf.edu
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Year: 1953
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Mike missed WillysTech's Chilly Willys contest, but I think you'll agree, he has claim to the coldest Willys title. Hey! That last picture isn't a Willys, but maybe Mike's pet is named Willie.     - Rick

December 08, 1999

Morning Richard!

Things have "improved" a bit as the temp warmed up to around zero. Funny thing tempreture, zero really does seem nice after a cold snap. I remember sitting out on my back porch there in Tempe the last winter I was there and thinking how the heck was I going to survive back in Alaska when 40 degrees seemed SO COLD to me! Its all in ones outlook I guess. ...


Richard Grover wrote:

Hi Mike,

How goes it in the cold dark north? ...

Rick G. in AZ

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