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Owner: Wim van Snippenberg
Email: snippen@worldonline.nl
Location: Jubbega, The Netherlands
Year: 1955
Model: Delivery
Serial number: 54148 10433
Engine: F4-134
Transmission: Warner T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18
Axle front: Spicer 25
Axle rear: Spicer 44

December 04, 1999

Dear Rick,

During my holidays this summer I saw a Station with a typical Jeep look . A closer investigation learned me that it was a Willys Station Wagon, I had never seen this vehicle before. A couple of weeks later I made a deal with the owner and found a transport company that would transport the vehicle for an acceptable price from Switzerland to my location in the Netherlands. I have some experience with Willys WOII Jeeps, I restored a 1941 and a 1944 Jeep, but my knowledge about the Wagon was zero. At this moment I am collecting documents and information that I need to restore the vehicle to its original condition, which means I like to bring it back to the condition as it was in 1955. In The Netherlands are about six persons who have Willys Overland pick-up, station wagon, delivery truck and so on.

Before I bought it, the vehicle owners were:

The engine, powertrain, transfercase and transmission are in an excellent condition. Also are the fenders and the hood, but there is a lot of work to be done to restore the body. The taildoors are Swiss handmade, the floor inside is replaced by plywood and so on.

The original colour was (metallic) grey, but the last owner painted it in a desert yellow colour. We, my son and I, like to repaint it in a the original colour? Do you know someone who can advise me about the correct colour and colour combinations for a Wagon of 1955?

I hope you will put the enclosed pictures on your internet site.

    Wim van Snippenberg

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