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Owner: Dwight Edwards
Email: Whitener@erols.com Whitener@erols.com
Location: Fairfax, VA
Year: 1963
Engine: L6-226 Transmission: T-90
Transmission: Spicer 18
Overdrive: Warn
Rear End: Ford 9"

August 6, 2000

Hello, Rick:

Attached are pictures of my 1963 Willys Pick-up. I recently purchased this from Ken Wakel from Jeannette, PA. It is not original, but changed for the better...bigger brakes, electric wipers, alternator, new Holly carb, fan shroud, turn signals, backup lights...generally things to make it a useful daily driver...but only on sunny days. My wife's car got booted out of the garage until I can add another bay. I get lots of thumbs-ups and "Nice ride" comments. My son is working on two wagons--one for the mud bog and one for the road. He will be sending in pictures later....

I check out the site often and especially enjoy the letters. Thanks for your efforts in developing this site and thanks for posting my photos which are attached in jpg files.


This truck was refurbished by Ken Wakel of Jeannette, PA. A really beautiful job.


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