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Owner: Jon Maib
Email: jmaib@weiderpub.com
URL: www.c4x4.com
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Location: Valencia, CA
Year: 1961
Engine: Ford 289
Transmission: NP 435
Transfer case: Dana 20

Wednesday, December 15, 1999


I have enjoyed looking at your site. I along with thousand of other people know that your site is one of the best for Willys trucks and wagons. Well, I finally got mine. I know that you are big into resto for these, but I am big into 4 wheeling and my wagon is going to be perfect for fitting my family. I am planning on fixing her up so she is pretty. I just love the classic look of those. My wagon is a 1961. It is currently a project vehicle on www.c4x4.com.


Once again great site - I visit often!!

    Jon Maib

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