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Owner: Jeff Clayton
Email: jeffrey.clayton@us.gambro.com
Location: Pine, CO
Year: 1959 (with 1951 parts vehicle)
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

January 26, 2000


Here are some pictures of two of my wagons.

The [top] is a 59 with some kind of AMC 6 cyl., T90 trans, T18 xfer case, and D44's with 4.27 gears. The frame is pretty bent in the front and I will probably swap out some of the parts from the 51 to get a good driver out of the 59.

The [middle] is a 51 with a Chevy 327, T90 trans, T18 xfer case, Rancho springs and 5.38 gears (not the best for the highway). The drivetrain is solid but the body is very rusty, most of the floor and especially the roof above the drip rail (its about ready to come off) The dual master cylinder set-up is an experiment to convert to a hydraulic clutch and came off of a 59 Ford PU.

[The bottom is the 327.]



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