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Owner: Norm Schuelke
Email: normbett@ticon.net
Location: Fort Atkinson, WI
Year: 1947
Engine: MB (L4?)
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18 w/ Warn OD

February 01, 2000


I was happy to find your website. Your experience with the Timken rear pinion bearing, is exactly the same I'm having. I called W-O in Toledo, the guy said they handled the last one of those 30 years ago, and he didn't have any suggestions. I know Ford trucks used Timken axles years ago, and I was considering investigating that angle when I came across your very informational site. In my elderly bearing manual, I found a bearing with the 25-52-15 mm dim., but it is a light duty bearing. I suppose I could use that if I have to. ... Did your axle have a gasket between the diff. halves? [No] Mine has one, but the parts manual, while it shows every nut, bolt and cotter pin does not show a gasket and none is listed. The thickness of the gasket determines the preload on the side bearings. I rebuilt the front differential about 18 months ago. Willys of Minneapolis helped me with that one.

My truck is S.N. 10220, with column shift and stationary vent windows, no cranks. It has a slightly souped MB engine, a Warn overdrive, and cruises 55 mph nicely. My truck was featured in the Jan./Feb. 1998 issue of "This Old Truck" magazine. Have a good one.


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