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Owner: Ted Robinette
Email: ausnotions@one.net.au
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 1956
Engine: Holden 186 cube six

Attached is scan of a 1956 2wd wagon I couldn't resist buying. Went to look at it just for the sake of tyre kicking and there under the bonnet (hood) sat a Holden 186 cube six that I had installed way back in 1975. Did a couple of these conversions back then and here was one of em staring me in the face still exactly as I had converted it. The latest owner had got it in 1982 and stored it with fish oil brushed inside and out to ward off rust, then in 93 he painted it 2 tone brown using a vacuum cleaner spray gun (didn't even rub back the original green paint. Stored it undercover again until the grandson was 18 (driving licence age here) then the grandson sells it to me. Some young guys just don't know how lucky they are! This one doesn't have a rusted out roof or anything else for that matter which makes it a rare wagon downunder. Once I fix the front brakes (frozen brake cyl.) and get it registered will take some better pictures to share. ...

    Ted Robinette

You can also see some of Ted's other Willys in the pictures below:

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