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Owner: Stan Hohulin
Email: JeanHohulin@cs.com
Location: Kingston, TN
Year: 1951
Engine: L6-226
Transmission: stock
Transfer case: stock
Seats: Leather from '93 S10 Blazer


Please add these pictures to the Gallery. Since I already own a '48 CJ2A which my uncle purchased new and I restored in 1988 (see photo of uncle John), I became intrigued with the trucks and wagons after stumbling on your website. This wagon spent most of its life in Utah and somehow found a way to Tennessee. Body and frame are in excellent original condition with minimal surface rust behind doors and on the tailgate. At least three owners in the past five years must have become frustrated because it had very little power. It had no battery or brakes when I purshased it. Turns out the engine had been overhauled and has excellent commpression, but the oil pump was incorrectly installed and the timing was way off. Rebuilt the carb, installed new tires, replaced entire brake system, dropped oil pan and repositioned oil pump, replaced heater core (expensive), repaired all lights, wiring and got all gauges to work correctly. Now it runs like a "turpentined cat"!

Like so many others, I really appreciate the effort you put into your website. It has saved me many hours of frustration. From your information, I've determined this '51 was built late in the year (ser# 19506), has '52 body (tail lights), and '51 tailgate, '57 grill (4 inch screen for heater air) and most likely a '57 engine. It was converted to 12 volt, but heater fan motor and gauges remain 6 volt. Carl Walck has been my exclusive supplier of parts. A super guy!!

Thanks agin for your help in turning this classic into a daily driver. I plan to leave the body in its current condition. Wherever I go this wagon's character draws lots of attention.


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