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Owner: Jason Winzoski
Email: naturel@prairie.ca
Location: Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada
Year: 1952
Engine: 4 cylinder
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

Sunday, December 12, 1999

Hey Rick

Well its the end of day one for my wagon, she just about killed me thanks to the brake line that popped, well not exactly but but the bronco II that was towing me would have. Anyways she's home, bought and paid for. Gutted the monster found a bumper with willy's stamped in it, hmmmm that would explain the ball on the front one. Swapped those for the pictures. Pulled out mouse poop filled insulation, knocked the flakly rust out, damm, now they are big holes. Looks like i have alot of work ahead of me ....

Wife came home ..., showed her it ran, used needle nose vise grips on the popped brake line, refiled the master cylinder , and let her go for a tear around the back 40. damm she likes it. I guess I'll have to get another toy. Well here's the pics Rick there's a pic of the Ramsey PTO winch too (factory ??) and the rest, well, you can see is rough.


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