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Owner: Bill Curry
Email: CURRY4X4@thegrid.net
Location: St. Louis (when not on duty)
Year: 1956
Transmission: Turbo 400
Transfer case: Dana 20

Saturday, January 01, 2000


My name is Bill Curry an I'm also a Willys nut. My first Willy's was a 1962 pickup that I bought in 1986 but traded for a Willy's aero in 1991. I currently have the car parked in St. Louis for storage. I'm in the Marine Corps so it's hard to move more than two vehicles around every three years or so (Two more years and I retire).

I drive a 1956 wagon at the present time as an everyday driver. The engine is a blue printed and balanced stroker motor, tranny- turbo 400 and transfer case- dana 20. Needless to say it runs great. I'm still working on it attempting to complete the interior and raising it a little.

You mentioned something about the split windshield in your wagon. The 62 that I had 13 years ago originally had a one piece windshield until I broke it hot dogging around in the desert. I found out from a friend that the two piece split windshield would fit without a problem. So, it may be possible that it was replaced at some point or it could be an early production model.

I'm sending a picture of my wagon. The military vehicle behind the wagon is a Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) if your wondering.

I like the rack you have on the top of your wagon. How much did it cost you and where can I get one?

Nice story. It could only happen in a Jeep.


Several people have asked me about the roof rack. I got it off a 86 Isuzu Trooper, cheap! It was made by Con-Ferr, a well known off-road accessory vendor. I don't know what it costs new, or if it is even still available.


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