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Owner: Bill Crossen
Email: WCrohawk@AOL.COM
Location: Western WA
Year: 49
Engine: Chevy 283
Transmission: 76 Chevy full sync. four speed
Transfer case: 205 Chevy transfer case
Front Axle: 1976 Scout II w/ dics brakes
Rear Axle: Gladiator Dana 44

February 04, 2000

I just bought a 49 pick up. It has a 283 Chevy motor / 1978 Bronco four speed and transfer case & Bronco axels. I don`t know much about it but the person sure did clean work. I`ll be doing a complete off frame restore of the body. Here are some pics as it is now. For this part of the country, western Washington, there is very little rust for the year. I like your page alot. I paid $500.00 for this truck.


    Bill Crossen

September 18, 2000

Rick, here is an up date on my 49 pick up in your gallery page six, the running gear is as follows, 1976 Scout II front end with dics brakes, 76 Chev full sinc. four speed, 205 chev transfer case, Gladiator rear Dana 44, 283 chev motor, power steering. I will send up date pics of the new paint and bumpers soon. please make this up date change in your gallery, thanks,


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