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Owner: Kraig McConaughey
Email: kraigtm@visi.com
Location: Wisconsin
Year: 1958 'Maverick'
Engine: L6-226 (swapped)
Transfer case:

April 07, 2000


I just found your web page and thought I'd share a photo or two, if you would like to see some, of my 1958 Willys Maverick, I'd be happy to send some. It had been converted to a 4x4 by a PO. It is in need of a "little" work. I've had it since 1984. It hasn't been driven in many years due to the brakes not working. The chrome trim is different than the 1961 Maverick's pictured on your web page. I've always wondered how rare the 1958 versions are, any ideas? Some day I hope to restore it to driveable condition, I don't plan on a full restoration to 2x4 status though....

Here is one photo of it from the front. This was taken up at our hunting cabin about a year after I bought it. It also has a serial number plate from a 1962 wagon so there is no way I can trace it's original S/N, darn POs, at least the old guy I bought it from was decent enough to inform me that it was actually a 1958. This weekend I'll scan in some better shots of the side so you can see the chrome trim better. The grill was originally red but when I swapped out the 4cyl. for a 1955 6cyl I had to swap the grill too. The grill from the 1955 was a faded light brown/tan color I thought it would look better with a white grill than a red one. I still have the 4cyl and the 1955 wagon. BTW, I live in Wisconsin.


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