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Owner: Peter Lombardi
Email: peter@paintballmentality.com
Location: Gig Harbor, WA
Year: 1957/49
Engine: Chevy 350 V-8
Transmission: TH 350
Transfer case: NP 205

February 28, 2000

Hey how yah doin? I just wanted to tell you that your site kicks ass! I just bought my Delivery on Sat. the 26 of Feb, 2000, for 3500 dollars. My Delivery is a mix between a '57 Wagon 4x4 (frame and body) and a '49 Delivery (delivery back). The front of the frame was extended by 7 inches to fit a Warn hydraulic winch. The stock engine has been replaced with a '78 Camaro 350 w/ an Edelbrock manifold sitting under a QuadraJet carb, connected to a TH 350. Transferring the power to the axles is an NP 205. The radiator is from a '65 Impala. Interior-wise, the gauges have been replaced, and will be replaced and rearranged again when I get done. The steering column is from an early model Cadillac, it has tilt and also it can be moved back and forth. The Interior has been partially redone, w/ "new" seats, fully carpeted. It has power brakes (from an '84 Dodge), power steering and power wipers. It's bright red w/ a black, gray, and blue interior. I love it, and I cant wait to do a lot more to it.

Thanks a lot,

    Peter Lombardi

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