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May 07, 2000


First let me appologize for the poor quality of the pictures...

The white FC-170 is a 1961. We had moved out of the Chicago area in 1982 and a friend gave it to me from his farm. The engine was stuck and still is. The red one is a 1959 I bought from a local resturaunt for parts. It has a pickup box. It's engine was also siezed, but it had a snowplow with it. The green one is a 1959. I found it in the classifieds in 1992. A farmer had it in the barn and couldn't find the title, so I got it for $275.00! It had no body on at that time. I towed it home to our farm in Illinois, put the red body on and have been using it to plow and haul firewood on the farm ever since. I am now retired and plan to clean it up some. It is still pretty solid. The other two are in rough shape. All have the 226 6 cyl. engine with three speed trans.

Thanks again for posting these and I really like your site. Very informative.



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