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Owner: Dave Huber
Email: Old53willys@worldnet.att.net
Location: Chesapeake VA
Year: 1952
Engine: Chevey 350
Transmission: 4 speed
Transfer case: NP 205

April 14, 2000

This is my first Willys. When I bought it I was told it's a '53 or '54. The title and I.D. number (drives doors jam) are both issued from the state of Idaho, which states the truck is a '56, but the cab has a small back window so that can't be so. I know the back window size changed 1953 year. The truck on your site it resembles the most is Yoav's '52 (D-3). Both trucks have grilles with three horizontal bars which according to your site was not introduced until '54, but we all now how easy it is to change the grille.

As you can see when I got the truck, there was no glass, no interior and the engine had been modified to a Chevy 305 and a 3" body lift was installed. Turns out the block was cracked, so now it has a fresh 4-bolt main 350. I've since installed all new glass eliminating the vent windows, installed a re-upholstered bench seat out of a Commanche', and custom made door panels. I also had to repair the fire wall and add a 6" suspension lift so the headers and exhaust will clear the front drive shaft.

I've only had the truck for 2 months and I'm still in the building process. Future plans include up-grading the axles, add power brake and power steering, I have yet to drive the truck but I've been bitten by the Willys bug. I hope to find an all original Wagon next.

If anyone else has more info as to what year it is let me know. I've checked both the cab and the frame for number and the only thing I found was the Idaho I.D. number plate. My e-mail is old53willys only because I was told the truck was a '53 and at the time I didn't know any better.


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