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Owner: Roger Huot
Email: huotr@cadvision.com
Location: Manitoba
Year: 1951
Engine: Mopar 340
Transmission: 727 auto

May 26, 2000

Hey there Richard, you wanted more information on the 51 Willys pickup. OK here we go:

It's a 2WD that was rebuilt 8 years ago. It now has about 8000 miles on it. The horse power comes from a Mopar 340 with 2, 4 bbl Carter carbs and the purple race cam with a guess of maybe 350 to 400hp. It's never been on a race track or time tested. The transmission is a 727 auto with a manual shift valve body. With a 83/4 suregrip rear end at a 3:23 ratio, brakes are power front disc.

The electrical system is 12V, all custom, with a 100 amp Bosch atlternator to charge two 750 amp batteries located under the dump box. Custom body work, stepsides, rear tail lamps, front bumper with a 8000 lbs winch, located behind the front licence plate. Interior is custom with 10 Stewart Warner guages and 5 over head rocker switches for various controls. A four speaker sound system all leather dash and console. An electrical key less code to power up the unit. The wooden box we did ourselves, it's mahogany railway box car decking which is very durable. Dump box is electric hydraulic with two cylinders, never used for dumping. Along with various other surprizes this truck has, I could go on.

It took 5 years to construct, with endless cuts and scrapes. It resides in Manitoba, Canada, indoors and doesn't get out much. It is a beauty and I have not seen any 2WD's around, but you could know better. We are looking for offers to sell, hopefully to another Willys enthusiast who can appreciate the effort put into this truck. I do have more pics if you wish.


WOW!     - Rick

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