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Owner: Woody Mott
Email: emott@essex1.com
Year: 1949
Engine: F4-134
Transfer case:

May 07, 2000



I traded a 1956 Harley Davidson Three Wheeler frame and misc. parts for two of these in 1992.

The frame on the red one is corroded and broken now. The engine is an L-4 and siezed. The box was from an old chevy with the Willys fenders. I have dissassembled it to use the parts to repair the green one.

The green one had no engine when I traded. It has the stock box with bent original Willys tailgate. I have recently picked up a 1951 F-4 134 engine from Wisconsin. It runs great and I hope to have it in this summer. It has the standard three speed trans. I also got a PTO with the green one. It will work well with the haymower or baler.

I have attached another picture of the two as they looked in 1992.



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