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Owner: Jeffrey Roach
Email: jproach@surfsouth.com
Location: Chula, Georgia
Year: 1959
Engine: L6-226
Transmission: T90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

June 07, 2000


I enjoy seeing all of the vehicles and reading what their owners have to say about them on your web page. Here are a few pictures of my 1959 6-226 FWD Pick-up. It has a freshly rebuilt engine which is joined by the origonal T-90 transmission and Spicer 18 transfer case. Differential gearing is 4.89. I hope to get a Saturn overdrive someday. This truck was origonally sold as a cab and chassis. I found a 1947 bed to add on after much repair. I have another one of these 1959 trucks waiting for its turn when this one is finished. Take care and thanks.

    Jeffrey Roach

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