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Owner: Theo Ernst
Email: tca.ernst@worldonline.nl
Location: Lelystad, Holland
Year: 1963
Engine: F4-134
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: none (2WD)

2 april 2000

Greetings from Holland

I am the owner of this truck since febr.'99. I am a respectable citizen living in Lelystad.

In the book "The American Jeep in War and Peace" by Kurt Willinger and Gene Gurney, they mentioned him at page 67 and he is in a reasonable state. Here in Europe it is hard to find parts so I ordered several parts by two repsectable members of your society: Mr.Walck and Mr.Meditz!

I replaced at the front springs, all silent blocks and pivot bolts, and at the rear springs I replaced the rubber inserts. Also new bearings for the wheels incl. the oil seals. A new exhaust pipe is fitted and I bought replica wheel covers and will place them when I drive this beautiful car!

The chassis is based on type 475 according to the Willys CJ3B page "production figures" and the chassisnr. is 12892.

    Theo Ernst

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