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Owner: David Lindfors
Email: david.lindfors@rez.com
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Year: 1952
Engine: F6-161
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case:

April 20, 2000 12:53 PM

Hi Richard,

... Picked up a '52 2WD wagon in Springerville in August that needed some mechanical attention so I tore the motor down and put some work into it as a Saturday hobby thing this winter. It runs now but I didn't do the top end because of finances and I still don't know what I'll do in the long run. Although in this case I may be a captive audience as it is pretty darn original with a 161 F-head and overdrive. Still 6V. I've gotten a lot of cosmetic stuff done and it was reupholstered and painted not to long ago. Also has a bent pushrod which I hope to resolve this weekend. Has some blowby going but otherewise pretty sound so far although I still haven't torn into wheels and many other things. ...

Started checking out traderonline last summer as I had some $ saved to finally get another one. Then one Saturday a.m. I just happened to look in the classifieds and read about the one I have now. Didn't even ask about 4X4 as that's what I was looking for but when I got there it was too sweet and I got a pretty good deal. I guess the rig was originally from Scottsdale and the guy in Springerville only had it a few months.

Didn't really want to rewire yet but am having some problems when working on lights that give me the impression I should before some big damage is done. Want to do my own as I've been doing electronic stuff for many years and like that kind of project. Was hoping to wait til I get some repro wiring and a little window of time to do it. So many projects but a great hobby.

But it's not really the hobby thing, it's the utility rig thing for me. They are too cool and versatile as well. I've done construction work and like to camp etc. Do believe they are the first true SUV. That's what I'm going for with the 2WD I have now as it is more like the family car and the utility rig combo. They do seem to have personality and character and although they didn't change alot there are those peculiarities in the different years and models.

My Dad first had one in Fairbanks Alaska in the mid 60's and what I remember is going Caribou hunting when it was like 40 or 50 below and freezing everything off in the back of that thing. I guess his buddy wrecked it. We moved back to Alaska in 1970 and he got the '52 which engine seized up. I tore it down when I was even that much less of a mechanic. My brother says he still finds the 4 banger parts in the yard as he has taken over the property.

Anyways, I've had a few along the way and it's great to have another. Kind of rounds out my life. Definitely a Utility Wagon Guy. Saw the CJ7s in the '70s when they came out and thought they were pretty cool but when I got out of the service found a nice '55 675 that didn't last too long before I wrecked it. ...


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