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Owner: Dick Fletcher
Email: dfletcher@alltel.net
Location: Little Rock, AR
Year: 1959
Engine: Chevy V-8
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Dana 18

Dick says he can find no obvious welds on the frame or box. Conjecture is that the pickup body was put onto a wagon or CJ frame, and the box altered to fit.


February 12, 2000


Awesome web site you've put together. Lots of great advice for the novice....like me!! I own a 1959 Willys Truck (serial no. 55268 48503). I have owned it since about 1983, but am just now in a position to devote some time to it. I bought it from my uncle when I was in college. It is actually in pretty good condition....no major dents or rust issues. It has a small V8 Chevy engine (not sure what size, but runs very good). It also has a very short bed....only 55 inches. All of the pictures I've seen of the Willys truck show them with longer beds. I have looked at the frame to see if it appears to have been shortened, as well as the bed, and I can't see that either of them have been modified. Did Willys make the 1959 truck with a short bed or has it been altered? I ordered a catalog from Willys America (got their name from your site). I checked their prices to what I recently paid to have some work done by a mechanic, and WA was consistently cheaper. This surprised me since that make a big deal out of saying multiple times in their catalog and web site that they won't likely be the cheapest prices since all of their parts are made in the USA and are high quality.....any comments? Anyway, great web site and I'm sure I'll be in contact soon. I'll e-mail you a picture as soon as I can.

Thanks for your help and counsel!!


    Dick Fletcher

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