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Owner: Leslie E Edmundson
Email: leed@tir.com
Location: MI
Year: 1958
Engine: L6-226
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Dana 18
Rear axle: Dana 53


I recently bought a 58 Willys/Fairmont Hy-Rail pick up (its my third Willys).... The truck has budd style reversable 16" split rims on the rear (approx. 7.25 bolt circle 5 lug), and I want to put regular wheels on it. The wheels are marked Fairmont manufacturing. I don't know if the hubs are Fairmont or did Willys make a large bolt circle 1 ton?


April 24, 2000

Hi Rick,

Here are some pics of my 58 Willys/Fairmont Hy-Rail pick up. It has a L6-226 (needs rebuilding), t-90, dana 18, and a dana 53 rear axle. I have attached pics of the fairmont rear wheels, hubs and id tags from the inner left fender. The truck also has Fairmont emblems on the hood sides instead of the usual 4-wheel drive emblems.

Thanks again for putting my wagon in your gallery (B36),


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