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Owner: Levi Schilz
Email: Theres411@prodigy.net
Location: Denver, CO
Year: 1963
Engine: 350 Chevy
Transmission: T90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

May 15, 2000

[The pictures of the pale gray cab are] when we are working on our body work! I got a hold of the truck from my fathers friend. ...[He] received it from a man for doing some work for him. The truck cost me nothing so I was lucky. But... the parts for this thing are crazy to find. I live in Denver, Colorado. If anyone else lives in my area we should get a hold of one another to see each others trucks!

Yesterday I took it for a drive [without it] being finished. It was rather funny because my gas tank right now is a red 5 gal. gas [can] hooked to the back of the frame with wire. The truck has been converted to a 350 Chevy with an 600cfm Edlebrock chrome carb and an Edlebrock aluminum intake manifold and chrome everything - a nice motor. I have taken the truck from frame up and redid everything.

Mechanically, all that is left is to change the oil in the transfer case. I also want to go ahead and redo my u-joints too. The transmission is my only worry with the 350. I was originally planning to change my diff's so I could get better mileage and get faster speeds. Well when we pulled it our yesterday I expected this thing to crawl but we put it in first laid some rubber and did about 35-40 in first gear. We haven't had it in 3rd yet only second but I guess from what we can tell the truck has 4.11 gearing and I'm not sure in the front I would think the same. The rear is either a Dana 53 or they other I can't think of the name at the moment. The [transmission] is the Warner T90 and the [transfer case] doesn't say much but I guess it [is] original. I have kept the drum brakes but am going to disc for better control. I have changed the steering box from the original to a mod that I mounted in the front by the grill. It is much heavier that the original. As you can see the truck is not finished but I assume we should have it done of summer 2000.

So far it is looking very nice. Some of the pics are bright from use of indoors and a flash to chrome and bulbs. Ha Ha. I plan to send more when I am able to get some pictures of the truck finished I am currently in a big need of an original pickup bed. Since the latest pictures shown, we have added seats, carpet, gauges, door handles, mirrors, radio antenna, and some wiring. I need to figure out where to get the window rubber molding and I need to find a four wheel drive emblem for the drivers side of the hood and also a drivers side outside door handle. I am also looking for a gas tanks and have heard the early 70's Ford vans work good.

My truck is a 1963 Willys Pickup, currently under a great restoration process; 33x12.50x15 tires and chrome rims. If you would like to chat or get a hold of me E-mail me at Theres411@prodigy.net

    Levi Schilz

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