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Owner: Rob Polidore
Email: RPolidore@si.rr.com
Location: Staten Island, NY
Year: 1955
Engine: L6-226
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

May 05, 2000

Hey Rick,

I found this Willys in a garage and took it home as a small project. Turns out the original owner of my truck is deceased. However I dicided to do some reasearch on its history and how it came to be where it is. The plow attached made it into the 80's when the guy I bought it from dicided to throw it away (#$%&), but none the less I searched on. The service station where the truck was assigned was called Egbert Square. It was there sometime around the late 50's into the sixties, as far as I can get from people who were familiar with the station.

Maybe somebody from the Staten Island area has some more info, or possibly a picture of the station, or the truck when it was in its prime. I would love to have it for my own personal reasons. I have the historical society looking for some kind of pictures for me, but I'm asking for help from anybody out there who knows of this truck or the station.

Anyway Rick, I have it running and would you believe that (with only a little more than 19,000 miles) the thing runs like new.

Thanks Rick!!!!!


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