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Owner: Tim Bolda
Email: mangojeep@yahoo.com
Location: Greenfield, IN
Year: 1949
Engine: F4-134
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April 08, 2000


I'm a Jeeper at heart (we own a YJ and two XJ's). I was visiting my parents last weekend in northern Michigan when I came upon a Willys truck on a car lot next to a body shop. Being that we were in the heart of the rust belt, I assumed it would be ravaged. But, to my surprise, it seemed to be in very solid condition. The bed and tailgate are fully intact (no holes). The frame also seems to be healthy with only surface rust. It has a rebuilt 4-cyl engine. It's still a 6-volt system. All of the glass is intact with the exception of stone chip on the passenger side windshield. The seat that's in it is a recent replacement. The rest of the interior has been removed (headliner, door panels, etc.). All of the gauges seemed to be intact also. It does not have the stock bumper on the front. The latches work quite well on both doors, the driver's door sags just a bit. On the passenger door there is a small area beginning to rust through (about half the size of a closed fist).

... I found a vehicle ID plate on the firewall but I can't find where I wrote down the ID #. I recall it sited a 60hp powerplant, but I doubt that it's the original. The sticker on the window called it a '49. I started doing some research and found your site (thanks, by the way!). Going by the pictures & descriptions on your site, I'm pretty sure it has the Timken in the rear. I didn't recognize it when I first looked. The gear selector is on the floor. I called the shop and was told that it 'runs real good up & down the road".



April 27, 2000

Rick, ...

Here's a few interior shots. The floor's been patched. The gauges are intact....oil press not functional, water temp inaccurate. Fuel gauge & speedo, don't know yet.

What does work??

The wipers, headlamps, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, hazards, heater AND blower motor, dome light, horn.

Portions have been rewired, but still runs 6-volt. The headliner's been removed, the seat is a recent replacement in good condition.

Thanks again,


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