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Owner: Dave Plant
Email: zooid@telus.net
Location: Prince George, BC
Year: 1955
Engine: Chevy 283
Transmission: T90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

June 11, 2000

Hi Rick

I've really enjoyed your site and would like to be part of it. I am sending two scans of my Willys and hope you can alter there size and format to fit your site properly. One is of my willys being trailored and one of a slightly doctored (back ground ha been cleaned up) rock crawl.

I believe my Willys is a 55. I've put in a small block 283 and coupled it with the stock T90 and the Dana 18. Flipping the axles and rearching new springs have given it lots of lift over stock and gives me the clearance I need for the 33's. A 9,000 lb Super Winch has been set into a special pan welded behind the tube push bar and has it's own battery set up. Ive added a roll bar to the frame behind the cab and then welded angle iron to it and to the frame all around to form a bed box which is set up with 1 x 6 wood. I also replaced the original gas tank with two tanks form a Chev step side. They are mounted side ways up in the frame with heavy duty cross members welded in front and behind them for strength. There is new tinted shatter proof glass all around to give me a bit of privacy while driving.

I have lots of plans for my baby, including Dana 44 with a power steering unit and power brakes. I also plan on a 4 speed in the near future. But am pretty pleased with it as it stands.

It would be an honour to be added to your page.

Yours truly

    Dave Plant

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