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Owner: Joseph Graham
Email: joe.graham@HershbergerMotors.com
URL: www.web-ster.com/jeremiah
Year: 1961
Engine: Chevy
Transmission: Chevy
Transfer case: Chevy

August 08, 2000

Figured I'd send you some pics.

The first picture is when it had an axle-under and the stock drivetrain (226 flat six). The rest of the pictures are from after the tear down. The modifications are: full size Chevy axles(4.56 limited slips), shackle reversal in the front, boxed frame, injected small block Chev, power steering and brakes, and a transmission and transfer case from a 3/4 ton Chev pick up. More on the buildup @ www.web-ster.com/jeremiah


    Joseph Graham

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