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Owner: Jack Hipp
Email: MY50WILLYS@aol.com
Location: Beaverton, OR
Year: 1950
Engine: Volvo
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August 14, 2000

Mr. Grover...

I am sending you some pictures of what I believe is a '50 Willys Wagon. If you want to incorporate some selected ones in the gallery that would be OK with me.

Serial# is 15300 that kinda indicates it's a 50, but from descriptions of model changes, etc. I am still in the dark. I never saved the old engine so I don't really know if it was a 62 or 72 horsepower, but am assuming it was a 4X463. It has been "barned" since 1985 when I bought it for $50 and had a machinist friend make the adapter for the Volvo engine. Would like to continue with this repower option if possible. Grill is slightly V'd with no apparant holes for chrome trim and rear bumper has "Willys Overland" in script on it.

If you can help me in identifying for sure I would appreciate it.



A.K.A. Jackhipp@aol.com

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