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Owner: Henry Scholtens
Email: barbs@iaw.on.ca
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Year: 1957
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October 06, 2000

Dear Rick.

Today I found your website and found it very interesting and well done. I recently aquired a '57 Willys Pick-up and found that what I'm going through has been done before,new wheel cylinders,shoes,flex hoses, brake lines(front to back). That was just to get it to stop without shuting it off in gear!!Also rad,hoses,and anti-freeze before winter.This pick-up has a flat bed with a winch that is chain driven by a power take-off.It was formally used as a tow-truck.I think its a half ton.(no dual wheels) It's powered by a flat head six cylinder called a super hurricane. It needs a lot of TLC but its a slow process.The only thing I'd like to fix Before the winter besides changing the fluids(trans,rearand front end)is that it won't go into four wheel drive. In two wheel high and low the tranny works fine but with me under the truck and my wife working the shifter there doesn't seem to be anything broken or misaligned it's just the pin will not go ahead. If there is a hint of what I should do next I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank You.


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