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Owner: Tim Locker
Email: tlocker@mindspring.com
Location: College Station, TX
Year: 1960 SW
Engine: L6-226
Transfer case:

Mr. Grover -

Thanks for a great website. I am a new Willys fan after playing with one my dad just bought. I've come across the opportunity to buy a '60 Wagon. I realize you aren't a "blue book", but figure if any one knows the value of a Willys - it would be you. I'm attaching a couple of pictures. It is a 1960 4WD.

Here's what I know:

I think I can get it for $1800-2000.00....

My thoughts are to get it road worthy - possibly add O/D Mod, Paint Restoration, Window/Door seals, etc. All as $$$ allows over the next couple of years....

Thanks again for a wealth of information on your site. I apologize for the long e-mail, but seem to have "Willys" on the mind.

Appreciate it!

    Tim Locker

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