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Owner: Gerald Gordon
Email: nytro@epix.net
Year: 1961
Engine: 327 Chevy
Transfer case:

June 22, 2000


I talked to you about a year ago and I promised to send you Pictures of my pride and joy,1961 Willys Pickup. I wanted to get it looking presentable before I sent them. It is not completely finished but it's looking pretty good. The drive train is all chevy powered by a completely rebuilt 327 with a Competition Cam and a 600 cfm Holley I put a Mallory Unilite Distributer to get rid of the points. There was not enough room by the fire wall for a stock HEI.

Attached are two pics that I took today. If you can't open them, let me know and I'll reformat them. Please add them to your Gallery.

    Gerald (FLASH) Gordon

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