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Owner:Jeff Hughes
Email: jhughes@cabelas.com
Location: Dalton, NE
Year: 1961
Engine: L6-226 Super Hurricane
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Spicer 18

July 24, 2000


Was strolling through your gallery on your Willys site... Great stuff. Lots of helpful info!

Looking for more to add to the gallery? (The nicer looking truck is the '61...)

Attached is a pic of my 1961 Deluxe cab FC 170... All is pretty much original, right down to the paint. No rust perforation anywhere but a small 1" slot along a seam in the bed. Was garaged for the last 10 years or so. Used now and again for light farm work. Bought it in February of this year. Replaced the motor with a rebuilt a couple months ago. Been driving it back and forth to work a day or so a week. With gas prices high, cannot afford to cruise in it too much!

Planning a restoration in five - 7 years, once my son gets old enough to gain interest and help me.

Is suprisingly good shape and 99% original throughout.

The rough looking truck with no bed is my parts truck I picked up with the '61. It is a '58 FC 170 with no motor, trans or t-case. Glass is perfect throughout. Interior is gutted with exception of the dash. Someday this may see a V-8 conversion or get parted out when I take what I need.

If it stays, I can see this as a flat-bed rotten, nasty monster truck lookin' thing.

This is my first Jeep experience and so far, I would have to say that it is a lot of fun and the looks I get when I drive it around town are priceless!

Thanks and take care-

    Jeff Hughes

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