About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Jake Ward
Email: TheDogKeenai@AOL.COM
Location: Kaysville, UT
Year: 1962
Engine: '69 Chevy 350
Transmission: stock T90
Transfer case: stock Spicer 18
Suspension: Spring-over lift w/33" tires

January 26, 2000

I just picked up the most beutiful 62 wagon I've ever seen. My whole family are Jeep fanatics and I finally got mine. The main question I have is about the transmission. The Willys has a strong 350, but the three-speed will only let me do about 55 mph. Idealy I would like to hook up a automatic for four-wheeling in Moab, and driving around town. I really like the way the transfercase works and I would like to keep that....

Thank you - one happy willys owner!!!!!!!


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