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Owner: Dan Pritchard
Email: dneddow@telusplanent.net
Year: 1952
Engine: Chevy 350
Transmission: Chevy 4-speed
Transfer case: NP 205

August 02, 2000


Really enjoyed your web page. Thought you might be able to display my 52 pick up.

It now has a 350 chev with a four speed, 205 transfer case. I did a spring over and put a 14 bolt chevy dif in the rear and a toyota land cruiser in the front. Both with 4:10 gears. I put the toyota in the front so the 38" swampers would not stick out past the fenders. I'm currently working on disk brakes for the front and rear.

February 15, 2001


I e-mailed you back in August of 2000. Regarding my 52 willy's pickup. It has come a long way since then. I put new exhaust one four inch stack on the passenger side. I had to have a reducer made from four to two I. D. I've done allot of little things to it to have it ready for May 2001. That's when we all take our first trip to Bradg Creek wheeling. I've done to much to list. I don't have a new photo as of yet but when I roll her out of the garage for the first time I'll send you a picture. ...


    Dan Pritchard

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