Hector Chade

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"Two-Sided Search and Perfect Segregation with Fixed Search Costs"
(2001), Mathematical Social Sciences, 42, 31-51.

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"Simultaneous Search"
(with L. Smith) (2006), Econometrica, 74, 1293-1307. Working paper version.
(This paper also appeared in NAJ Economics, vol. 10.)

"Matching with Noise and the Acceptance Curse"
(2006), Journal of Economic Theory, 129, 81-113.

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"Wealth Effects and Agency Costs"
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"Delegated Information Acquisition with Moral Hazard"
(with N. Kovrijnykh) (2016), Journal of Economic Theory, 162, 55-92. Online Appendix

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"Competing Teams"
(with J. Eeckhout) [2020], The Review of Economic Studies, 1134-1173

"The No-Upward-Crossing Condition, Comparative Statics, and the Moral Hazard Problem"
(with J. Swinkels) [2020], Theoretical Economics,15, 445-476

"The Moral Hazard Problem with High Stakes"
(with J. Swinkels) [December 2019], forthcoming at Journal of Economic Theory.

Working Papers:

"Screening in Vertical Oligopolies"
(with J. Swinkels) [May 2020], revision request from Econometrica.

"Disentangling Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection"
(with J. Swinkels) [August 2019], revision request from Econometrica.

"Insurance as a Lemons Markets: Coverage Denials and Pooling"
(with E. Schlee) [December 2019], conditionally accepted at Journal of Economic Theory.

"Risky Matching"
(with I. Lindenlaub) [October 2018].

"Stochastic Sorting"
(with J. Eeckhout) [June 2017].

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