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Assignment One

Due Dates:

Invention work:

Description 1 Due: 8/30
Description 2 Due: 9/1
Evaluation Due: 9/8
Analysis Due: 9/13


Complete Draft Due: Wed 9/15
Polished Draft Due: Mon 9/20

Description: This assignment asks you to visit one of the places we discussed and to analyze the way in which the physical space influences and is influenced by the social practices and activities which occur there. Therefore, you will explore the connections between the physical space and the people in that space.

Goals: First, to use writing and reading in order to see and understand how physical spaces shape and are shaped by the people who use them; and second, to help you begin to understand how people create the spaces in which they live and move; to see how people construct the culture in which they live.

Composition: To answer the question posed by the assignment: how is the physical space of _______ influenced by and how does it influence the social practices which occur there, use the following suggestions:

  1. You may use the organizational pattern suggested by this assignment (observe, evaluate, analyze) if you wish.
  2. Because your audience for this assignment is members of this class, not all of us will have visited the place you choose to analyze, so your response should certainly name the place and describe it as clearly and vividly as possible. You will need to convince us that you are reasonably well informed about the place you observed; you can do this by supplying us with the details you noticed while observing. You may be able simply to insert into the paper one of the descriptions you wrote.
  3. The finished paper must demonstrate that you understand the kinds of connections that may exist or occur between a location and social action, between a space and the way people behave in it. Your audience will also expect you to persuade us that the connections you draw about the cultural uses of the space are valid. You can best persuade us of this by stating your conclusions clearly and by supporting them with evidence drawn from your observations and evaluations. You should be able to use some or all of the material you generated while analyzing your notes to accomplish this.


Length: 4-5 typed pages using double space and 12-point font

Put your name on each page and number pages

Give your work a title

Assigned: 8/25/99

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