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Heuristics for Assignment Four

1. Reread the paper carefully. Then reread the assignment sheet and the comments on your graded paper. Write down in your own words the key problem areas in your paper.

2. Write down the main idea of each paragraph in the margins on your paper. You might want to then type that into the computer on a separate page to see whether your ideas really follow one another.

3. Write a list of things you now would work on.

Here are some questions you can ask that may help you to evaluate your first paper for this course.

1. What does the first paper tell you now about your position on the space or issue you addressed in your first paper? Have you since changed this position? Have you altered your perspective on the space/issue? Why? How?

2. Can you now see that your interpretation of the space you examined in the first paper was shaped by stories told by you or members of your community? Do you think that your analysis was affected in any way by these stories?

3. What do your answers to the preceding questions tell you about the way in which cultural narratives can shape perception?

Here are some questions that may help you determine in what ways you have improved your critical writing and reading skills in this course.

1. Are there places in the first paper that require more discussion than you gave them in the first version? What are these places? How is it that you can now see these places, if you can?

2. Where and in what ways does the revision demonstrate that you can now anticipate and accommodate the needs of readers?

3. Where and in what ways does the revision demonstrate that you are now able to use appropriate strategies to generate, organize, revise, and edit my work? Name these strategies, and point to places in the revision where you put them to use.

4. What passages in the revision illustrate the improved clarity of your writing?

5. What examples show your improved ability to supply details and to name names?

6. What passages in the revision show that you can use the conventions of format, organization, and language appropriate to the audience and issue you are addressing?