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ENG 101 Daily Syllabus: Tentative Schedule of Readings and Assignments

This schedule is subject to change (changes will be announced in class, and it is your responsibility to keep up with them).
Note: there will be a daily directed free writing assignment.

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Date Class Discussion Homework
8/23 Course introduction:

Course Policy / Syllabus
Discussion: goals and expectations 

Read: Course Policy / Syllabus

RC (Reading Culture) p. 1-4, 20-27

8/25 Workshop:

"What is a Public space"
"Possible Public Spaces"
"Heuristics for Assignment 1"

Description 1 without naming the place (due next class)

Read: RC Introduction to Ch.6, p. 245-248

8/27 Last day of Drop / Add


Date Class Discussion Homework
8/30 Due: Description 1

Workshop: "guess where description"


Revisiting the public space
what to look for / heuristics
"How to analyze readings"

Description 2 (due next class)

Reading: RC mall articles p. 257-260, 262-265, "Field Work" 282-283

9/1 Due: Description 2

Workshop: Jigsaw readings

Develop evaluation heuristics

Peer review: Description 2

Discuss: Heuristics for Evaluation

Evaluation (due next class)

Reading: RC "Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space" p. 266-271


Date Class Discussion Homework
9/6 No Class: Labor Day
9/8 Due: Evaluation

Workshop: "Fortress Los Angeles: The

Militarization of Urban Space"

Heuristics for Analysis

Peer review: Evaluation

Analysis (due next class)

Reading: RC "Signs from the Heart: California Chicano Murals" p. 272-277


Date Class Discussion Homework
9/13 Due: Analysis

Workshop: Analysis peer review

LA articles – Point of view

Complete Draft (due next class)
9/15 Due: Complete Draft

Intro to Easy Writer

Peer review: Complete draft

Polished Draft (due next class)
9/17 Unrestricted Withdrawal Deadline


Date Class Discussion Homework
9/20 Due: polished draft

Read around

Workshop: Visual Culture p.280-281

Reading: RC "Intro to History," p. 397-400

Look over Assignment 2




Discuss: regarding assignment / workshops

Workshop: Heuristics for assignment 2

Discuss: reading

Review of Conducting Research in Easy Writer p. 116-125

Preliminary research (due next class)

Find an interview you like/didn't like, think about the reasons for your reactions. Bring interview to class.

Read: RC "Conducting Interviews" p.16-18

Easy Writer p. 116-125


Date Class Discussion Homework
9/27 Due: Preliminary Research

Discuss: interviews

Oral history exercise within class, students interview each other.

Begin interview

Reading: RC "’The Hook’ and Other Teenage Horrors" p.305-314

RC Oral History p.458-460

9/29 Workshop: family history/photograph

Workshop: Oral History & reading

Interview write-up (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
10/4 Due: interview write-up

Discuss: questions for analyzing data/heuristics

Peer review: interview write-up

Reading: RC "’Indians’: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" p.409-423

Write: short summary of assigned reading due next class

10/6 Due: summary of reading

Workshop: discussing and reporting on reading

Textbook scavenger hunt with textbooks from 1900-1998

History (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
10/11 Due: History

Workshop: questions to ask during peer review

Peer review of history paper

Reading: reread RC "’Indians’: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" p.409-423

Answer question 2

10/13 Due: Question 2

Workshop: integrating diverse types of data

Complete draft (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
10/18 Due: Complete draft

Workshop/Peer review of complete draft

Audio Visual

Read: RC "Visual Culture" p.451-455
10/20 Workshop: Visual Culture p.451-455 Polished Draft (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
10/25 Due: Polished Draft

Read Around

Culture log

Look over Assignment 3

10/27 Workshop: Key Issues

Discussion: Assignment 3

Description of Issues (due next class)

Reading: RC Chapter 3 (p.100-102)
Chapter 4 (p.163-170) Chapter 5 (p.208-211) Chapter 10 (p.462-464).

10/29 Restricted Course Withdrawal Deadline


Date Class Discussion Homework
11/1 Due: Description of Issues

Discuss: Reading

Read: RC "Split at the Root: An Essay on Jewish Identity" p. 474-482. Answer question 2.
11/3 Due: Question 2

Workshop: Reading


Positions (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
11/8 Due: Positions

Discuss: Dominant Cultural Issues

Workshop: Positions

Read: RC "Announcing a Public Campaign Against Select Day-time Television Talk shows" and "How Jenny Jones Saved My Life. Why William Bennett is Wrong about Trash TV" p. 28-33
11/10 Workshop: Investments (TV)

Workshop: strategies for 1st draft

First Complete Draft (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
11/15 Due: First Complete Draft

Peer Review: First Draft

Second Complete Draft (due next class)
11/17 Due: Second Complete Draft

Peer Review: Second Draft (different readers)

Polished Draft (due next class)


Date Class Discussion Homework
11/22 Due: Polished Draft

Read Around

Read: RC "Rewriting the Image" p. 202-206

Look over Assignment 4

11/24 Conferences


Date Class Discussion Homework
11/29 Conferences Draft of Revision & Description (due next class)
12/1 New Reader peer review Continue working on draft
12/2 Restricted Complete Withdrawal Deadline


Date Class Discussion Homework
12/6 Due: Draft of Revision & Description

Peer Review: Draft of Revision & Description

Workshop (memory and revision)

Polished Draft (due next class)
12/8 Due: Polished Draft
Read Around
Last day of Class!
Reflection Letter (due as final)


Date Class Discussion Homework
12/13 Finals Week: No Class Continue working on letter
12/15 Due: Reflection Letter

Turn in the Reflection Letter in my office between

4:40-6:30pm in lieu of a Final Exam

Have a great winter break!

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