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Extra Credit Assignment

Email: bhm@asu.edu

This assignment is not required for the course, but may be completed by students wishing to strengthen their final grade. Due to the nature of the assignment, I would encourage all students to participate.

Due date: May 1, 2000

The extra credit assignment will, if completed successfully, adds 10% to your final average for the semester (using the 4.0 scale). For example, if you earned a high "B" or 3.25 and you complete the extra credit assignment then you would earn a final grade of "A" (3.25 + .325 = 3.575).

The assignment will not receive a grade, but will be receive a passing/not passing evaluation.  

The assignment:

Turn in your revised polished draft for assignment four and the original polished draft that you revised on an IBM compatible disk. You may email me the files if you do not have a disk or if you use a Macintosh computer. I would prefer Word or WordPerfect files.

The rationale:

I would like to use your work anonymously in the Computer-Based Composition course that I will be teaching next year. This is in response to your comments that the curriculum lacks adequate models for the assignments. Note: it does not matter what grade you received on your papers to participate, the only stipulation is your implied consent that I may use your work in the prescribed manner.