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Instructor: Bruce Matsunaga
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Assignment 3: Employment Package

Draft of whole package due: 6/19 M

Polished draft of package due: 6/20 T

This assignment consists of five parts:

Job Advertisement:

Find an ad for a job that you would apply for upon graduation. This should obviously be a job in the field you hope to work in and should be an entry-level job suitable for a new graduate. You should be able to find such an ad by looking through appropriate newspapers/periodicals, searching on the Internet, going over to Career Services. This does not have to be your dream job, just get as close as you can.

A Profile of the Organization or Company:

You should write at least two paragraphs profiling the company or organization you are applying to. Try to organize this information into paragraphs detailing key information you would want to know in order to write your application letter and attend an interview. For example, if this is a company, you would want to know what products they produce, their hiring policies, their management structure, whether they use a team-based environment or not.

Interview Notes:

As soon as you can, try to contact a professional working in a similar job. You could try telephoning a local company, contacting a professional organization through a bulletin board on the World Wide Web, employment profiles on the World Wide Web, and of course, ask for help at career services. Things you should ask about include what the job involves on a daily basis, what skills the job involves, whether teaming skills are helpful, what kinds of writing this professional does on a daily basis and what writing skills are required in this position.


Write a one-page resume that you would need to apply for this job. Please note that you do not need to print this on special paper. You may need to use two pages, but you should not exceed two pages.

Job Application Letter:

Write the letter that you would send with your resume applying for the job and requesting an interview. Again, you should try to stay within one page.


You will be graded on the carefulness and appropriateness of your response. Obviously, your letters and resumes may be quite similar. However, students who take time with the company/organization profile, in terms of research, organization, and care with the writing, will do better on this assignment overall. You must ensure that this work has no spelling or mechanical errors as far as possible.