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Instructor: Bruce Matsunaga
Class Line # 58498
Meets daily @ 7:40-9:20, ECG G319

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Assignment Five: Final Project

One Page Proposal Due: 6/16 F

Peer Review Draft Due: 6/23 F

Polish Draft Due: Date of Presentation

The Final Project will be a self-directed undertaking, developed in conjunction with your instructor (that would be me). It can take any format you desire--it can be a research project, a case study, a report or proposal, an article for publication, a Web or electronic-text project, a training manual, etc.--anything you want to do. In general, though, here are the expectations: that is, here is what I have to have in order to justify it being a "professional writing" project:

  1. A significant amount of the project must consist of your own writing and/or restructuring--not diagrams, not Web doohickeys, not cool binding, though these may certainly be components of your project.
  2. You must be able to demonstrate how it would be applicable to your field of study, or your intended (or current) profession. (i.e. via a cover sheet)
  3. You must present your final project to the class (about 15 minutes)

Really, that is it. Those (very broad) categories must be in place for me to accept it. We will discuss things like length, format, and so on when we workshop on 6/16 in preparation for your project.

Your final project will be due on the date of your presentation 6/26-6/29.