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Instructor: Bruce Matsunaga
Class Line # 58498
Meets daily @ 7:40-9:20, ECG G319

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Major Assignments

Assignment One: Evaluation of Professional Writing (15%) Download As.1 in Word.

Peer Review Sheet (Word version), Using Microsoft Word's Reviewing Feature (Word version).

Glossing Review (Word version)

Assignment Two: Team Paper (15%) (Word version)

Invention materials for Assignment Two. (Word Only)

TC Ch. 8: Developing the Argument. Outline of a typical proposal.

Team Paper (collaborative process and product) based on the Case Study material in the WFW.
50% of grade for final document
25% of grade based on my evaluation of teaming effort
25% of grade based on other team members' evaluation of your effort

Group Evaluation Handout (Word Only)

Assignment Three: Employment Package (15%) (Word Version)
Cover Letter
Actual advertisement
Paragraph analyzing company/organization
Interview notes

Assignment Four: Annotated Bibliography (15%) (Word Version)
5+ sources dealing with some aspect of the discursive practices of your field/profession that could include:
Interview(s) with professional(s), Actual documents written by professionals, Articles/books about writing in the profession or major, Articles/books about problems in writing in the profession or major.

Bibliography notes form in Word

Assignment Five: Final Project (15%) (Word Version)

Alternate Assignment for Assignment Five (Word Only)