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Instructor: Bruce Matsunaga
Class Line # 58498
Meets daily @ 7:40-9:20, ECG G319

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Here are some links you might find helpful for the class, including online citation manuals, job search sites, etc., etc.  We'll be updating these throughout the semester.  If anyone finds a particularly interesting site, please email me and we'll add it.

The ASU Library Main page

The ASU Periodical Index

ASU Career Services Web Page: career advising, marketing your degree, internships, job listings, etc.

America's Job Bank: This site is sponsored by the US Department of Labor.

The Monster Page: a great big crawlin' behemoth of a job-search web site.  Searchable by keyword, location, skill, and a variety of other ways.

Yahoo's job listing page.

A ZDNet editorial on finding career bliss.

Career Path is another job site.

For local jobs, check Azcentral's Job site.

The ASU Writing Center offers excellent free tutorial services for those needing any kind of help with writing, research, or brainstorming skills in one-on-one tutorial sessions, workshops, and computer modules.

There are a number of web sites which offer MLA and APA style guides.  These two, hosted by the U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Web, are two of the most accessible, in my opinion: APA Format | MLA Format

If you just need to know how to cite online or internet sources, go immediately to Citing Online Material (APA) or Citing Online Material (MLA)

For a comprehensive reference work for both APA and MLA formats, go to the Columbia Guide to Online Style.