Team Proposals due.

TC Chapters 18-19.

We are not going to go over both chapters in-class (thank god) but it would be useful for us to think about a few points:

Remember that your resume is often your first impression so careful attention should be given to its appearance and content (562). That means: visually pleasing, clearly organized, and without errors.

You may with to use a chronological format or an analytical format, depending on what you wish to emphasize.

You should use active voice, which shows action.

Read the section on "Writing Job-Application Letters" carefully. For the purposes of our class, the criteria will follow the book's suggestions about the four paragraph format.

Chapter 19 on letter formats is mostly for your information, but I would like you to write your final project proposal in a Sales Letter format. Sell me on your project!

Employment Packet Assignment - Find a job

US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook

Use our Employment links

Resume Advice On-line: Don't be afraid to get advice from other sources as well.

Find advice from a professional journal, like The Chronicle of Higher Education

What if you're going to Grad school? Try Accepted.com

Cornell's "Effective Resume" page (also contains some different ways to think about the form of your resume)

St. John's College also has a decent resume page (with three different types).